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hi, i'm erin. i'm a multi-media artist as astroblur and i make silly tweets in addition to that. well, not always.this is my bio... homepage. where i talk a lot about myself

Parannoul - Let's Walk on the Path of a Blue Cat

talk to me (if you want)

  • twitter DMs open

  • my discord ID is Astroblur#1024

i make trippy art.

i also make music.

i use ableton live 11 or reason 10. sometimes i even post a silly video of me doing this to twitter.

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sooo here we are:

  • erin kariuki seven gravity

  • i'm 22, born june 15

  • pan-african. nonbinary (she/her)

  • "hwoon", "aero", "hwizzy" also work

  • my sexuality is that i like people and sometimes i dont

i was born into a high-control group (the nation of islam. feel free to ask me about it but i talk about it sometimes anyway). given my condition, among other things, i only ask you be patient with me socially given this; i'm still learning how a lot of stuff works (i'm also young which makes this a given but still)
my vibes are like explicitly either psychedelic trippy bright stuff or really like edgy sharp dark stuff if that Makes Sense. shows in the content i retweet.
my interests are generally mostly eccentric but you'll catch me posting music i like, THUG Pro stuff, anime (mostly shonen i think), music production clips, photos i take, and i try to joke around too (sometimes, pretty rarely it gets super big.) im generally up to a lot so it's hard to sum that up here, just ask me if you wanna know more

favorite WHAT?

be prepared. walls of text ahoy


kind of stuff i like to watch

  • shonens & action cartoons. i like action a lot

  • i like absurd comedy stuff like eric andre and aqua teen hunger force quite a lot

  • horror tv shows or horror movies. like the weird stuff

  • martial arts movies i need to get back into

  • also kaiju movies i need to start going over again. so if you have recommendations. then

kinds of youtube videos i watch

  • horror shit.

  • goanimate videos (they're awesome lol)

  • quieter lets players or lets players who play obscurer games

  • drama documentary videos i guess youd call em

  • visual effects and film related cool stuff

  • game reviews of older games and weirder games etc

  • cartoon related youtubers too!

oh wow i forgot some notable videogames & franchises etc i like

  • OMORI (fav)

  • disgaea

  • persona

  • yume nikki (also yume 2kki, .flow)

  • undertale

  • thug pro

  • friday night funkin

  • kingdom hearts

  • DOOM

  • jak & daxter

  • ratchet & clank

  • spyro 1-3

  • lsd dream emulator

  • hylics

  • nuclear throne

  • polybius

  • rez infinite

  • sonic the hedgehog (specifically 3 and knuckles lol)

  • silent hill

  • resident evil

THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING FOR...any of the different kinds of Thing i listed, trust mehuge fan of cool character designs overall i should note. i also love SCP, also worth noting. alternate reality games in General get me tempted too

regarding music...ohh boy

ALWAYS AND FOREVER OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS! WOW! i aint even list everyone it just be like that

i'd prefer not talk with you if

  • you're annoying as hell about things i/others like

  • you're mean or whatever for fun thats annoying. grow a sense of humor or something

  • you're some weird (lgbt identity)phobe under any extent i dont ever have time for this shit

  • you're a transmed, or someone who is just against trans-masculine people (fuck you) because of how they "benefit from male privilege" (they don't, and again, fuck you, please grow a brain i am begging you, i don't fucking care who you are), or a terf

  • you think child porn is okay for some reason (go to prison)

  • you're racist (i literally post pictures of myself dude)

  • you're xenophobic